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Crystal Roller with ROSE QUARTZ - January Birthstone

Crystal Roller with ROSE QUARTZ - January Birthstone

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Celebrate You with a Rose Quartz Crystal Roller!

Oils and crystals. Besides just looking pretty, they work together well.  When paired up, they can do more for your body than on their own. Both stones AND oils are charged with their own forms of energy, as many have known and believed for years. And unlike our own personal "stash of energy," they stay constant.  By pairing oils and stones together that complement each other, you can enhance your use of each.

Celebrate You Rollers are slim, elegant and beautiful!  Each roller contains approx 3 grams of semi-precious gemstones.  Simply fill with your choice of carrier and essential oils for a gorgeous bottle of goodness!

Many oils pair nicely with various crystals.  Rose Quartz supports love, peace and emotional healing.  Try pairing it with Bergamot, Jasmine and Rose.

Along with the gifting card, they are perfect to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or ANY day you wish to commemorate!

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