About Us

Silver Orange Boutique believes in creating an experience. An indulgence. An impression.

We know that essential oils are already a big part of your life. Our mission is to make them an indulgence. How do we do that? With beautiful products that enhance your experience and delight your senses. You won't find boring bottles here! Silver Orange Boutique products are a marriage of beauty and function. After all, luxury is in the details. 

Beautiful bottles may be our signature, but helping others is our calling. That is why we are committed to supporting organizations who empower individuals and families in need. Our product line offers several fair-trade items, like our gorgeous oil bags from Sak Saum and wool diffusers by Global Crafts

Additionally, many of our roller bottle sets come with recipe cards. We know how helpful this can be if you're new to your oiling journey. Experienced oil users have expressed their appreciation for them as well.

We're honored to play a part in your journey of wellness. We sincerely hope our products make you feel special. Because you are. Thank you for including us in your Celebration of Essential Moments.  

WHO WE ARE:  Rebecca, and my awesome family— husband Mike and six children; Will, Nate, Emma, Arya, Henry & Hannah. In a crazy life filled with high school drop-offs, drivers-ed, homeschooling, church activities, keeping connections with valuable friends and more, running this family business takes effort from all of us! We all play a role, even our kids, as they screw on caps or place rollers in protective bubble bags. 

Family Photo

When designing our logo, we knew for the sake of authenticity that it should represent the teamwork it takes to be successful. Hence the orange slice with seven segments, each representing a member of our family (this was before Hannah). Luckily, we have an amazing graphic designer, Liz Fancett, who just happens to be my sister, and can pull off our sometimes-crazy requests! Along with my parents and other siblings, we have lots of support and help when we need it.


*Fun Fact* Silver and Orange are two words in the English language that no other words rhyme with. We think that makes them pretty unique, just like us!