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Botanical roller Trio with seed cards

Botanical roller Trio with seed cards

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This roller bottle trio is truly an indulgence into nature!  Each bottle is filled with all organic botanicals and herbs to set off your essential oil blends.  


Heather, Rosemary, Rose petals, Helichrysum


Peppermint, Blue Cornflower, Orange Peel, Hops


Calendula, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Lavender

A seed-paper card includes all the ingredients.   When you're done, you can plant it!  Simply cover with a layer of soil, keep moist and wildflowers will begin to sprout within 1-2 weeks!  A beautiful reminder of what your bottles contain!  

The botanical trio also includes a handcrafted, drawstring pouch which adds to the worth of the set.  Distinctive bamboo caps top off the sparkling clear, glass bottles. Simply drop your choice of essential oils into these rollers and fill with carrier oil. The florals look gorgeous as they swirl along with your precious drops of oil!  So many ways to enjoy the beauty of nature! Bottles include steel rollerballs and arrive with the botanicals, ready to fill with your own blends.

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Sherryl Triplett

Beautiful botanical rollers at a great price.