How to make a roller bottle with essential oils

How to make a roller bottle with essential oils

Looking to get the most of out your essential oils, but not sure where to start?  Try making a roller bottle!  Roller bottles are my favorite way of using my oils, for so many reasons.

  • Safety – I get to choose the amount of essential oils to put in my roller, as well as the type of carrier oil. I want to be sure that the blends in my home aren’t too strong for my kids, or for me!  My sensitive skin that does much better with a properly diluted oil blend!  I also choose to avoid certain carrier oils which are nut or sesame based, as those are allergens for my household.
  • Portability – So easy to take along when traveling. Or to keep in my purse!
  • Ease of Use – Just take off the cap, and roll it on – no counting drops when I quickly want to grab my roller. I can also customize my blends to exactly what I want without taking our multiple bottles each time I
  • Economical – Diluting my essential oils for application helps me save money. I can choose how many drops go into my roller and create my own price point.
  • Aesthetic Beauty – Our daily routines can become quite mundane. But when I use a beautiful roller to apply my oils, I experience a boost of happiness. 


Let’s make a roller! 

First thing you’ll need to do is gather your supplies.  Grab a roller, a recipe, the essential oils you’ll be using and a carrier oil. You can also add a label to your bottle.


I suggest starting with a 5% dilution of essential oils.  That means you’ll use 10 drops in a 10ml roller bottle. If you look online for recipe ideas, chances are you’ll find multitude of recipes that call for much more than that.  Feel free to adjust to your comfort level but know that it is much easier to add more essential oils later if you want to make a stronger, more concentrated roller, than to take them out!


Add your essential oils to your bottle, counting each drop.  Then fill the remainder of the bottle with your carrier oil, no need to count drops here! 


Unlike an essential oil, a carrier oil is a natural, fixed oil (that means it won’t evaporate). 

They come from a nut, veggie or seed.  Your carrier oil dilutes your essential oils and allows them more time to absorb into your skin. They are generally more bland, lacking the aroma of essential oils. As an extra bonus, they can also moisturize and nourish your skin!  Fill up your bottle with their goodness!

Now just pop in the rollerball, and you’re good to go!  I find using an essential oil key to be really helpful.  The divets on the edges help to pry out rollerballs from bottles, while the holes in the middle (that make it look like swiss cheese) assist you in applying just the right amount of pressure to push in the roller.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spilled a fresh, full roller bottle by trying to push in the roller myself.  I love my eo key!


Wipe up any spills on the side of your bottle and apply your label if you’re using one.  I highly suggest keeping track of your blends in a notebook to reference back to later.  You'll be surprised how quickly you forget when you start making oodles of rollers!


Now, swirl around your concoction, and & Get Rollin'! That's it! Wasn’t that easy?  Be sure to stock up on your favorite roller bottles because now you'll be making them ALL THE TIME!





Try our DIY Kits for a super easy way to get started.  Also makes for a fun get together with friends to share your love of essential oils!

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I love your new blog with such amazing pictures, such wonderful details, keep them coming!

Sue regner

I love the rollers I have made from SO rollers! They’re so elegant! I have used them for gifts, over & over!! And, of course, making a few for myself, as well, along the way!


Super helpful, thanks!

Emma H

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