At Silver Orange, we're passionate about spreading joy, offering encouragement, and reminding you of your inherent worth. Our faith-inspired products are crafted to lift your spirits, reminding you of how truly precious and valuable you are. Whether it's our Affirmation Gems, crystal essential oil blends, or inspiring accessories, each item is designed to bring positivity into your life. Join us in spreading a little love and joy wherever you go!

WHO WE ARE: Hi there, I'm Rebecca, and I'm blessed to be surrounded by my amazing family— my supportive husband, Mike, and our 6 children: Will, Nate, Emma, Arya, Henry, and Hannah. We're a tight-knit team running our family business with heart and dedication. Each of us has a role to play, even the kids, who eagerly pitch in by folding boxes, wrapping bottles, and helping wherever they can. It's a joyous journey we embark on together, infusing every product with love and dedication from our family to yours.