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Diamond Encouragement Kit, “You Got This!”

Diamond Encouragement Kit, “You Got This!”

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You got this. Really, you do. And when you feel like you don't, well then, this is the kit for you!

This Diamond-themed kit is perfect for when you want to:

  • send a little encouragement.
  • congratulate a friend for ranking up
  • share some sparkle and shine
  • & of course... inspire yourself to Diamond!


Each kit includes:

  • a zippered mesh bag
  • a Diamond pen
  • 3 Diamond patches
  • 2 Diamond paperclips
  • 3 Oil Drop paperclips
  • 1 Sparkle roll of washi tape in coordinating color
  • 1 Diamond roll of washi tape
  • 2 roller bottles with sparkle tops
  • "You Got This" card

Your choice of Colorful or Monochromatic!

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